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Affordable Detailing in lexington

A note from the owner..  Hello friends and neighbors, at Affordable Detailing we understand the meaning of “a job well done.” Our experienced team will work hard to place your auto in as close to the same condition as it was the day you drove it from the showroom floor. Call for an appointment at our Nicholasville rd locatation And let our team perform their magic. With the use of special chemicals we will remove stubborn brake dust, tar and hard to remove bugs. Allow us to completely hand polish your ride to protect or restore a lustrous finish. Our detailers are highly skilled and will carefully buff away or deminish sightly scuffs and scratches. We have a arsonal of compounds polishes and specialized instruments to meet any task. Interiors are fully shampooed, leather is cleaned and protected. And, with the aid of compressed air, we will strive to make dirty vents and hard to reach areas look new again. As owner I appreciate your business and will never move from our original motto. Here at Affordable Detailing. “We Love to see you Shine!”

Exterior detailing and hand $59 wax  (most cars)unnamed

Automobile Detailing – Car



Boat detailing starts at $250

Automobile Detailing – Boats



Interior shampoo and detail $99 (most cars)

Automobile Detailing – Our Fleets



Our detail protection package is designed to keep your auto as close to the same condition as new as possible. Contact us for more information.


Car Detailing Starting –

Full shampoo wash (inc. leather seats)

  • Acid treatment and polishing of wheels
  • Cleaning vent work and spare tire areas
  • Steam clean door and trunk jams
  • Removing minor scuffs and scratches
  • Complete exterior hand waxing

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